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Tick-tock! This colorful wall clock is a charming accent to any space! From family room to basement bar, it makes any wall a fun focal point

Size: 24 " L X 1.5 " D X 24 " H

Vintage appeal abounds with this weathered wall clock from Infinity Instruments It adds fun and function to any space!

Size: 24 " L X 2 " D X 24 " H

Add classic appeal to your entryway or hall with the Park Slope Wall Clock Featuring a charcoal iron frame, this rectangular clock creates a beautiful time display The metallic Roman numerals and hour and minute markers add visual interest The AA battery (not included) operated quartz movement ensures accurate time

Size: 23.5 " L X 2.25 " D X 35.5 " H

Park Slope Wall Clock


Measuring a whopping 39\ " around, Infinity Instruments ' Tower clock adds vintage train-station appeal to a wall It ' s a stylish way to keep track of time!

Size: 39 " L X 2.5 " D X 39 " H

This Infinity Instruments Abbey clock has a bold look that ' s reminiscent of Big Ben! It can be placed on any wall as a stylish (and practical!) accent

Size: 38 " L X 2.25 " D X 38 " H

Wall Clock-Abbey XXL


Oversized and oh-so stylish, this Skyscraper wall clock measures an impressive 45\ " in diameter! Perfect for over the fireplace or on a plain wall, it creates a stylish focal point in any room!

Size: 45 " L X 2.25 " D X 45 " H

Wall Clock-Skyscraper


The Balto Wall Clock is antique-looking yet a charming piece for your home Featuring Arabic numerals, worn-out dial background and distressed blue-center disc, this contemporary-style clock will be noticed and admired Add warmth and vintage style to any interior with this wall clock

Size: 30.75 " L X 1.75 " D X 30.75 " H

Balto Wall Clock


Bring functionality and flair to your living room with this Gallery Pocket Watch Wall Clock It offers vintage charm to your interior with its timeworn dial background and distressed Roman numerals The quartz mechanism operates on two AA batteries Featuring a seconds track and spade-shaped minute and hour hands, this contemporary wall clock makes a distinctive-style statement

Size: 30 " L X 2.5 " D X 30 " H

This handsome Howard Miller floor clock keeps perfect time A wire-brushed driftwood finish lends the look of reclaimed lumber in a chic, contemporary-inspired case Features include a choice of chimes, a night-off feature, and volume control

Size: 16 " L X 10.75 " D X 76 " H

Camlon Floor Clock


Sleek and stylish, the Avalon Floor Clock is perfect addition to your home Its wooden case has a classic, espresso finish The gloss white dial stands out against the espresso case and features two slim hands Decorative weight shells and the grid pendulum with polished chrome finish add to the charm of this contemporary floor clock It comes with convenient features such as volume control and illuminated interior

Size: 16 " L X 10.75 " D X 76 " H

Avalon Floor Clock


The Hourglass Floor Clock is a one-of-a-kind, art piece for your home This floor clock features a functional hourglass and produces three melodious chimes that create a soothing effect It has a solid Asian hardwood base designed like a stool An aged, iron open frame stands atop this base, and this frame holds an hourglass at the center that can be turned using the wheel This floor clock has a vintage dial with exposed gears and Roman numeral hour markers

Size: 18.75 " L X 17.5 " D X 77.5 " H

Hourglass Floor Clock


Accessorize your living room or family room with the Baldwin Floor Clock This antique clock features a swan neck pediment for a majestic appearance The front locking door is accented with carved rosettes This classic floor clock comes with an illuminated dial that has a brushed brass finish and silver chapter rings adorned with stylish Arabic numerals The round pendulum has a decorative center plate The cable-driven Kieniger movement produces a lovely Westminster chime

Size: 23 " L X 14 " D X 86 " H

Baldwin Floor Clock


The Browman Floor Clock makes a style statement This magnificent floor clock features an arched wooden pediment and carved rosettes that add to its traditional appearance Its polished brass dial is illuminated and accessorized with a rich silver chapter ring, and the hour markers are presented in Arabic style for a classic appeal This traditional-style floor clock has harmonious Westminster chimes with night-off option

Size: 23 " L X 13.5 " D X 84 " H

Browman Floor Clock


The Moss Ridge Floor Clock has a driftwood case that gives a natural look to this fine piece of craftsmanship The soft black dial features a minute track and two sleek clock hands The stylish Arabic numerals on the dial add to its classic look This contemporary floor clock comes with a linear style pendulum that ends with a polished chrome-finished disk The automatic, nighttime-chime, shut-off option and the interior LED lamps with three dimmable options make this floor clock a stylish and convenient choice

Size: 19.75 " L X 12 " D X 80 " H

Moss Ridge Floor Clock


Modernize your living room with the Cameron III Floor Clock designed on contemporary lines This floor clock features beveled glass on its sides and front It has a white dial and slender clock hands The polished chrome-finished bezel and chrome weight shells are designed to match the dial The pendulum of this floor clock has a linear design on its grid and a rich, round plate at its end

Size: 17.25 " L X 11.75 " D X 80 " H

Proudly display the Chaplin Floor Clock in any room This contemporary floor clock has unique, tripod legs that support a bright white dial surrounded by a polished chrome bezel The dial features black Roman numerals that standout against the white background and two sleek hands that move smoothly The pendulum bob has a satin chrome finish and is suspended by a support with black coffee finish The Chaplin Floor Clock also comes with useful features such as automatic night-off, three melodious chime options and volume control

Size: 25.5 " L X 23 " D X 74 " H

Chaplin Floor Clock

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Create the special moments in time with this inspirational Enrico Fulvi Wall Clock Named after the famous and legendary clock maker Enrico Fulvi, this European-styled wall clock catches your eye by exhibiting sheer beauty throughout This wall clock has a cream-colored distressed finish that gives it an antique look The stylized hands and Arabic numeral hour markers blend in well with the overall design This antique-style clock can be displayed in a kitchen or a family room

Size: 0.25 " L X 32 " D X 32 " H

Enrico Fulvi Wall Clock

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The Nashua Floor Clock is a simple yet efficient way to showcase timeless style and create a striking statement in your living room This floor clock has a worn black finish with a unique cutout glass and an antique brass pendulum The hands and the Arabic numeral hour markers are in black color The quartz-driven movement of the pendulum tracks time and offers a choice of the traditional Westminster or Ave Maria chiming melodies

Size: 23 " L X 13 " D X 81.5 " H

Nashua Floor Clock

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Accentuate your wall with the Lacy Wall Clock that combines classic style with modern functionality This round shaped clock is finely crafted with wrought iron and is designed on an antique style Roman numerals with silver edges mark the hours The hour and minute hands feature diamond- shape ends Display this traditional styled wall clock in your living room, bedroom or entryway

Size: 2.25 " L X 32 " D X 32 " H

Lacy Wall Clock

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Give your living room a distinctly modern look with the Crosby Wall Clock The applied Roman numerals and visible cast metal gears are finished in antique brass The inner and outer rings and spade hands are accented in natural-looking, warm gray iron With its golden highlights, this round clock looks absolutely stunning This traditional clock suits most interiors

Size: 2.25 " L X 30 " D X 30 " H

Crosby Wall Clock

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Add vintage style to any room with the Glenwood Wall Clock Its black Arabic numerals and spade hands give it a classic touch Measuring 36 inches, this wall clock has aged face completed with crackle background At the 6 ' O position, it has an antique brass bob framed by a gold metal This traditional-style wall clock has a black satin finish and worn edges It is perfect for the living room, den or home office

Size: 3 " L X 36 " D X 36 " H

Glenwood Wall Clock

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Designed with an offbeat look and avant-garde styling, this Howard Miller Lorain Wall Clock will be the focal point of your wall decoration Constructed of wrought iron, this square-shaped traditional-style wall clock features applied roman numerals, markers, and center panel that exhibit natural machine steel finish with grind marks and distressing for an elegant industrial look It ' s equipped with charcoal-finished tapered hands that create a marked contrast with the shiny steel look of the clock

Size: 24 " L X 2.75 " D X 24 " H

Lorain Wall Clock

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The rich and antique appearance of the Neilson Floor Clock makes it a perfect heirloom piece This floor clock has a bonnet pediment with swan neck pediment moldings and intricate carvings The round dial has a brushed nickel finish and is decorated with antique designs and Arabic numerals This charming pendulum has a brushed nickel finish and is designed to match the dial Its time-tested Kieniger movement delivers a classic Westminster chime (with shut-off option) that marks hours

Size: 23 " L X 13.75 " D X 84.25 " H

Neilson Floor Clock

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