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The Accent Leaning Shelf is a charming addition to your home It has a neat ladder-like structure that ' s easy to move and supports almost anything Featuring spacious shelves, this home furniture allows you to showcase decorative items in interesting ways This country-style piece is perfect against the wall or in an empty corner

Size: 18 " L X 18 " W X 39 " H

Accent Leaning Shelf


Add a rustic touch to any interior with this exotic-looking Cottage Etagere The traditional design of this painted etagere gives it a vintage feel The crafted fluted legs hold three storage/display shelves The additional shelf space on top of the pullout style drawer provides extra storage The blue distressed/washed oak finish gives it the charm of a bygone era Use this as a stylish display/storage option in your living room

Size: 22 " L X 12 " D X 62.75 " H

Cottage Etagere


Featuring a slim silhouette, the sleek Cottage Etagere is perfect for small spaces Its 4 open shelves are useful for storing books and other essentials or displaying decorative pieces This open-shelf, accent piece is also perfect for extra storage in the bathroom The open frame and base have a welcoming, white cottage finish while the shelves are dressed in washed oak This country-style etagere is versatile and suits any classic room style

Size: 22 " L X 12 " D X 62.75 " H

Cottage Etagere


Set up an attractive living room interior with the help of this Contemporary Driftwood 49\ " Display Cube Containing three rectangular shelves and three square-shaped open shelves, this contemporary-style display cube gives you lot of flexibility to arrange your showpieces and other accessories Its durable construction makes it a piece that you ' ll cherish having in your home for years to come

Size: 49 " L X 13 " D X 49 " H

This Contemporary Driftwood Room Divider helps you design your room with greater convenience and efficiency It has four open shelves and a spacious top, where you can place your essentials for easy access from both sides Its solid contemporary-style construction and stable footing makes it a piece that ' s worth the money

Size: 43 " L X 14 " D X 71 " H

The Aspen Alder Grove Room Divider is decorative chic and functional The variety of open shelves can be used to place decorative vases, favorite books, artworks and other accent pieces Use it for decorative purposes or as an attractive room divider The driftwood finish of this transitional-style divider offers warm, natural tone that makes it to adapt well to many different room styles

Size: 43 " L X 14 " D X 71 " H

Alder Grove Room Divider


Furnish your home in a style that ' s eye-catching and absolutely functional, with the Corner Curio Cabinet With a gorgeous beveled glass door and mirrored back, this unit showcases each and every one of your collectibles boldly in eight levels of display space Featuring a robust combination of hardwood and veneer construction, the cabinet is finished in legacy oak that makes it an alluring addition to your home Adjustable glass shelves and levelers provide you the complete freedom to alter the look and stability of the structure This modern-style cabinet is also equipped with Pad-Lock cushioned metal shelf clips that enhance safety by delivering stability

Size: 28 " L X 16 " D X 80 " H

This delightful Diana Curio cabinet will liven up any room with its charm The graceful, glass-front doors have a distinctive, geometric design and open to reveal pristine glass shelves The eloquent floral scroll on the back panel creates a beautiful background for any display The impeccable metallic finish further adds to the opulence of this curio cabinet that can be used for storage and display in any interior

Size: 36 " L X 16 " D X 56 " H

Diana Curio Cabinet


Incorporating the timeless elements of exotic handicraft, this Somerset Moroccan Etagere is sure to elevate the beauty of your interior Set in an intricately carved pierced fretwork with hand-applied silver metal leaf finish, this transitional-style etagere brings a touch of progressive style in a traditional garb to complement your home design It features four fixed shelves and a spacious top to let you put your accessories and showpieces on display

Size: 20 " L X 16 " W X 66 " H

Somerset Moroccan Etagere


Introduce a new twist in your home and spice up the style quotient with this Stacked Display Shelf Boasting a fresh-yet-traditional look, it features cottage-inspired sides and bracket feet that elevate its charm and make it an ideal fit against any background Decorate the five shelves of this country-style shelf with your favorite memorabilia, trophies, vases, and more You can also beautify this shelf by lighting ornate candles, potpourri, and other charming accent pieces Available in other finishes

Size: 35.5 " L X 18.5 " D X 63 " H

Acc Stacked Display Shelf


Capture the perfect mix of traditional and cottage elegance by displaying your decorative collection in the Stacked Display Shelf Equipped with five shelves with high back edges, it ' s an ideal gateway to showcase home accents, collectibles, figurines, photographs, and scented candles Featuring expertly designed sides, shelf edges, and bracket feet, this home furniture will add extra style to your home Place this country-style shelf wherever you want to create a sophisticated atmosphere Available in other finishes

Size: 35.5 " L X 18.5 " D X 63 " H

Ricky Stacked Display Shelf


Elevate the decor of your living room with the Dogwood Debonaire Etagere It features three framed glass shelves and one bottom shelf for your accessories and showpieces This etagere has two lights at the top for nighttime illumination The two-tone cobblestone exterior and blossom back panel give a fulfilling look to this country-style etagere It will surely add charm and elegance to your home ' s design

Size: 57.5 " L X 20 " D X 80.5 " H

The Whistler Etagere brings refinement and a lively vibe to your living space It features four open shelves and stack design top and base in a medium-brown water-based finish This home furniture has elegant and sturdy supports on either sides, and has a traditional style that suits most room backgrounds

Size: 61.5 " L X 17 " W X 78.5 " H

Whistler Etagere


A pinch of cottage-inspired elegance and a traditional feel abound in this Stacked Display Shelf Made to provide plenty of storage space, this home furniture has five shelves that are perfect for both display and storage purposes A great storage unit, this display shelf can be placed in various settings like a closet, entry way, living room, or even in the kitchen Top-notch craftsmanship is reflected in the elegant bend details on the sides and bracket feet Potted plants and keepsakes can also be placed on the shelves to enhance the beauty of this country-style display shelf Available in other finishes

Size: 35.5 " L X 18.5 " D X 63 " H

Acc Stacked Display Shelf


Traditionally elegant, the Lyon Accent Curio is a great way to bedeck your living room interior Accentuating the overall design of this curio are the beadboard details, beveled edges, and bracket feet The two adjustable glass shelves provide a perfect place for displaying your collectibles, memorabilia, and souvenirs Along with its storage function, this home furniture also has two LED lights, with a three-way touch dimmer switch, that add to its overall utility and style

Size: 43 " L X 16 " D X 84 " H

Lyon Accent Curio


If you ' re searching for stylish home bar furniture, this Joshua Bar Shelf will be your favorite pick Showcasing the newest variation, this home furniture features a swivel bar shelf Other striking design elements include 20 wine bottle compartments and a pull-down door This contemporary-style bar shelf is ideal for both old-world-themed interiors and modernized home styles Bringing a bright focal point to any space, this mirrored bar furniture never runs short on elegance or functionality

Size: 19 " L X 14.5 " W X 70.5 " H

Joshua Bar Shelf


The Joshua Bar Shelf is a swivel bar shelf with mirror that ' s perfect for both contemporary- and traditional-themed interiors It has 20 compact compartments for storing wine bottles, a pull-down drawer, and a cabinet with two shelves The tempered-glass mirror adds style and dimension to any home space

Size: 19 " L X 14.5 " W X 70.5 " H

Joshua Bar Shelf


The Newport Freshwater Aquarium is the perfect add-on for your family room Classically designed with a high-gloss, protective clear finish, this home furniture brings nature ' s underwater beauty to your living room The large cabinet space is ideal for canister and sump filters A recessed panel door and brushed-nickel hardware gives this aquarium cabinet an attractive look

Size: 20 " L X 20 " D X 59 " H

Newport 47 Gallon Fish Tank


The Mystic Freshwater Aquarium is a fantastic display for any environment and is sure to delight guests of all ages It features open compartments, where you can store fish-keeping essentials for a quick access This home furniture has a rustic finish and clean lines that add an understated touch The aquarium has display space too if you wish to add decorative accents Available in other finishes

Size: 38 " L X 20 " D X 72 " H

Mystic 47 Gallon Fish Tank


Are you a fish enthusiast? The stylish Cambridge Freshwater Aquarium will be your first pick for your home furnishing Talk about function, this storage cabinet comes with two bottom doors for storing fish supplies or any items you want to keep within reach There ' s also two compact top drawers that provide additional storage The bold rustic finish and sleek lines combine to give this updated aquarium a bit of old-world charm Available in other finishes

Size: 48 " L X 18 " D X 53 " H

Cambridge 90 Gallon Fish Tank


The Narragansett Freshwater Aquarium comes with everything you want for your aquatic environment The two open shelves at the sides provide storage for aquarium essentials and supplies This aquarium cabinet is ideal for your living room, family room or den to create a calm, welcoming look The white color beautifully complements any interior Available in other finishes

Size: 36 " L X 20 " D X 72 " H

The Bellevue Freshwater Aquarium is distinct and dramatic that adds a focal point to any room The open compartments on both sides offer lots of storage solutions You can keep fish-keeping supplies for quick access, or artwork and decorative pieces Featuring clean lines and a sophisticated design, this transitional-style cabinet gives your interior an unmatched lift Available in other finishes

Size: 59 " L X 20 " D X 72 " H

Bellevue 47 Gallon Fish Tank


Get the Hampton Freshwater Aquarium to enjoy in your living room, family room or den Featuring spacious open compartments, this storage cabinet provides plenty of room for any equipment and supplies you may need Tall and beautiful, this aquarium suits most contemporary-themed interiors The clean and sophisticated lines add to its overall look Available in other finishes

Size: 70 " L X 20 " D X 67 " H

Hampton 90 Gallon Fish Tank


This Fishy Beech wood Freshwater Aquarium has a contemporary design that matches most updated room interiors You can keep any necessary fish supplies and other essentials handy in the open compartments This home furniture has an aquarium interior design that offers a fresh, cool look It ' s the perfect spot to share your love of fish and water creatures Available in other finishes

Size: 70 " L X 20 " D X 67 " H

Beechwood 90 Gallon Fish Tank