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Smaller in size but big in function, it's the Cambridge 36\" Bookcase It's a perfect option for your children since the small size will certainly help them reach their favorite books Keep the room clutter-free, and showcase trophies, prized possessions, books, and more in style with the three spacious shelves The brown cherry finish dresses up this traditional-style bookcase

Size: 33"l X 12"d X 36"h

Smart and practical, the Richmond Bookcase with Doors is a great addition to your home The bracket cut feet, framed door front, and antique pulls give a stylish appeal to your interior The four shelves are perfect to hold your books, photos, mementos, and more An adjustable shelf behind the door provides ample space to tuck away important essentials This traditional bookcase suits any style from country- to contemporary-themed interiors

Size: 32"l X 15"d X 79"h

Practical and elegant, the E2 Cambridge Bookcase with Doors is sure to enhance the look of any home Featuring adjustable shelves, it offers room to accommodate your favorite book collection The two doors with raised panels open to keep your magazines and other personal belongings handy The turned feet and moldings on the top and at the base give a sophisticated feel to your room design scheme This traditional bookcase makes a great gift for book lovers

Size: 32"l X 14"d X 72"h

Add a dose of sophistication to your home office with the Tribeca Loft File/3-Drawer Bookcase In a compact design, it's a useful addition for various room settings It features two vertical rows of three shelves each for books, magazines, and more Use the top of this home furniture as a spot for a flower vase or decorative accent The three legal-sized file drawers keep your files and legal documents organized and protected The birch solid construction of this traditional-style bookcase is enhanced by rustic iron hardware on the drawers

Size: 59"l X 20"d X 41"h

Elegantly designed, the Cambridge 74\" Bookcase is a perfect addition to your home office or living room The warm cherry finish and graceful moldings add character Featuring four spacious shelves, it provides ample space for your valuable books and other collectibles This country-style bookcase will be a memorable gift to any book lover

Size: 33"l X 12"d X 74"h

The Cambridge 60\" Bookcase, with a modern and stylish design, adds comfort to any space Neatly organize your books, comics, and magazines in its four large shelves You can also use the shelves to display your trophies, prized possessions, and more Featuring a brown cherry finish, this traditional bookcase will suit most color schemes

Size: 33"l X 12"d X 60"h

French Laundry inspired, the Coventry Sliding Door Bookcase is a smart addition to your home The three shelves behind the two sliding doors offer plenty of storage space for your favorite books, novels, magazines, collectibles, and more The shelves provide easy adjustment Whether it's a country- or a contemporary-themed interior, this transitional bookcase will be the perfect pick Available in other finishes

Size: 42"l X 18"d X 66"h

This Hanover Lawyers Bookcase combines striking design with function Use this traditional style bookcase as stylish storage for books or keepsakes or as a decorative piece to enhance the room & rsquo;s design The geometric grill of the wooden bookcase is ideal for displaying items and the intricate craftsmanship enhances its beauty Use it in your family room or office

Size: 42"l X 15"d X 53"h

Create a library in your home with the Cambridge 36\" Bookcase This beautiful bookcase has three spacious shelves that are perfect for keeping your magazines, novels, and comics in line Add a decorative touch to this country-style bookcase by placing accent pieces, trophies, and other items on it Featuring a black finish, it will suit most room design schemes

Size: 33"l X 12"d X 36"h

Inspired by vintage industrial furniture, the Magnolia Home Factory Shelf provides versatile storage options It consists of four open shelves that are convenient for keeping your living room essentials handy The feet feature casters for easy mobility and X-shaped side braces for safety The simple design of this traditional-style shelf also blends perfectly with culinary spaces and bedrooms

Size: 50"l X 18"d X 56"h

Magnolia Home Factory Shelf


Minimalistic yet functional, the Cambridge 84\" Bookcase is the piece that makes the room It provides lots of storage with six spacious shelves, for displaying your novels, treasured books, and other odds-and-ends Featuring a brown cherry finish, this traditional-style bookcase will suit most room backgrounds Pair it up with a writing desk and chair to make a perfect reading corner in your home

Size: 33"l X 12"d X 84"h

This Riverside leaning bookcase puts a new slant on storage Fixed shelves keep favorite novels neat and organized From home office to family room, it's stylish and practical too!

Size: 25"l X 16"d X 72"h

On-trend and casual, the Canyon Creek 72\" Bookcase is a classic addition to your home Offering the right mix of style and function, this home furniture features four adjustable shelves With elegant moldings on top and around the base, this traditional bookcase is gracefully styled to blend with most interiors

Size: 36"l X 11"d X 72"h

The charming Baker County Currahee Bookcase provides ample space to organize your collection of books and periodicals The glass doors of this bookcase allow you to proudly show off your book collection and protect them from dust Featuring framed glass sliding doors with mutin details, this bookcase brings in country style to the setting The clasping handles allow you to easily slide the glass doors to access the books Dressed in antique brown and cotton wood finishes, this bookcase looks classy and elegant Available in other finishes

Size: 54"l X 18.5"d X 78"h

Tall and stylish, the Richmond Bookcase is equally handy when wall-mounted as when free-standing Beautiful moldings and bracket feet add detail and give it character The first four shelves are perfect to showcase your paperback books or just to store odds and ends Keep your novels and favorite books on the bottom two shelves of this traditional-style bookcase Utilize the spacious top for convenient storage or display

Size: 32"l X 15"d X 79"h

Make a cozy reading corner with the Cambridge 48\" Bookcase This bookcase is handy whether wall-mounted or free-standing The top three shelves are perfect for showcasing your paperback books or just to store odds and ends The spacious shelf at the bottom gives you an ideal spot to keep your favorite books organized The brown birch finish gives a natural tone to this country-style bookcase

Size: 33"l X 12"d X 48"h

The Canyon Creek 48\" Bookcase showcases a traditional design that's suitable for your today's modern schemes Three open storage shelves in rustic driftwood finish offer space to accommodate your books, favorite magazines and more Place this attractive - bookshelf in any room of your home as an additional storage area Decorate the top of this home furniture with artwork or a collectible to complete the look

Size: 36"l X 11"d X 48"h

Designed with lots of expertise and attention to intricate details, this Bookcase is just what you need for your home library It features four drawers with ample space for your favorite magazines, books, and more This home furniture also has open shelves where you can display novels, cookbooks, photo albums, decorative accent pieces, and more This contemporary-style bookcase will give all your treasures the display they deserve, while providing casual style to any space The rustic finish, along with classic design featuring slanted legs, pull handles, and blocked sides, makes this bookcase a great centerpiece for home libraries, entertainment rooms, and more

Size: 36"l X 17"w X 60"h

The Contemporary Driftwood 72\" Bookcase lends a sharp and smart look to your home library With five wide shelves to contain your books, this transitional-style bookcase will be a useful addition to your home library Its solid, sturdy structure is coupled with a sleek finishing touch on the exterior to grant it a neat, contemporary look

Size: 33"l X 11"d X 72"h

This Riverside leaning bookcase puts a new slant on storage Fixed shelves keep favorite novels neat and organized From home office to family room, it's stylish and practical too!

Size: 25"l X 16"d X 72"h

Introduce a new twist in your home and spice up the style quotient with this Stacked Display Shelf Boasting a fresh-yet-traditional look, it features cottage-inspired sides and bracket feet that elevate its charm and make it an ideal fit against any background Decorate the five shelves of this country-style shelf with your favorite memorabilia, trophies, vases, and more You can also beautify this shelf by lighting ornate candles, potpourri, and other charming accent pieces Available in other finishes

Size: 35.5"l X 18.5"d X 63"h

The perfect style statement for any home, the Tildon Open Bookcase never fails to make an impact Perfect for holding books, magazines, files, or even display-worthy decorative articles, this home furniture is accentuated with signature patterned sides and an open back A neat polished look enables this contemporary-style open book case to complement any setting

Size: 33"l X 14"d X 78"h

Aspen Tildon Open Bookcase


The Cambridge 84\" Bookcase is sure to enhance the look of any room and make it feel more homey It offers plenty of storage space for your favorite magazines, mementos, and other treasured items This country-style bookcase can also be a great decorative feature with ample room for display It's ideal for use in the living room, den, or study

Size: 33"l X 12"d X 84"h

A perfect addition to your reading room or home office, this Eclectic Bookcase lets you organize your books and files with greater convenience Featuring two shelves and three adjustable shelves, it provides plenty of storage space and flexible organizational options A neatly constructed framework and straight lines create the refined look of this transitional-style bookcase Available in other finishes

Size: 32"l X 12"d X 72"h

Martin Furniture Eclectic Bookcase

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