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Infinity Instruments

Measuring a whopping 39\" around, Infinity Instruments' Tower clock adds vintage train-station appeal to a wall It's a stylish way to keep track of time!

Size: 39"l X 2.5"d X 39"h

This Infinity Instruments Abbey clock has a bold look that's reminiscent of Big Ben! It can be placed on any wall as a stylish (and practical!) accent

Size: 38"l X 2.25"d X 38"h

Oversized and oh-so stylish, this Skyscraper wall clock measures an impressive 45\" in diameter! Perfect for over the fireplace or on a plain wall, it creates a stylish focal point in any room!

Size: 45"l X 2.25"d X 45"h

Vintage appeal abounds with this weathered wall clock from Infinity Instruments It adds fun and function to any space!

Size: 24"l X 2"d X 24"h

Tick-tock! This colorful wall clock is a charming accent to any space! From family room to basement bar, it makes any wall a fun focal point

Size: 24"l X 1.5"d X 24"h