In addition to your bed and mattress, a dresser is a bedroom essential for storing your everyday clothing and accessories for easy access. Discover a vast selection of dresser styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes, including dressers with elegantly carved details, as well as chic contemporary dressers. We have dressers designed to fit traditional, contemporary, and transitional spaces, including styles with felt-lined jewelry trays and cedar-lined bottom drawers. No matter what type of dresser you need to complete your perfect bedroom, Jordan’s Furniture has the dresser to impress.

Before thinking about what your new dresser looks like in terms of its style and color, it is wise to first decide what type of dresser will best suit your bedroom storage needs. The storage capacity of a dresser depends both on how big it is as well as how many drawers it contains, and there are a wide variety of options to find what works best in your bedroom. You can select from 6 drawer dressers, which are typically on the smaller side, a 7 or 8 drawer dresser for medium size, or a large dresser such as a 9 drawer dresser. If you choose a deep drawer dresser, then you may be able to fit more of your clothing into fewer drawers. You should also consider the dresser top and how much surface area you need for everyday essentials, and for displaying framed photos.

Whether you are looking to match the style of your current bedroom furniture or create an exciting new décor theme, Jordan’s Furniture has an amazing assortment of dressers to match your existing look or your new vision. If you’re looking for a lighter color tone, you can shop for a white wood dresser, such as a birch or ash piece. Alternatively, there are plenty of options for darker colors, such as brown dressers, black dressers, and navy dressers. Whatever color speaks to you and your bedroom look, we’ve got the dresser for you.

In addition to considering the color and wood tone of your new bedroom dresser, there are other style considerations to finding the right one for you. If you prefer a modern style for your bedroom furniture, then you can shop for a modern dresser that may have clean lines and a more minimalist look. There are also plenty of options for traditional or rustic dressers, which often have more stylistic details and carvings. The dresser drawer handles are also an important aspect of the overall style of the piece. Jordan’s Furniture has dressers with handles that come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and materials, from stainless steel bars to gold knobs.

So, whether you want a short dresser or tall dresser, vertical dresser or horizontal dresser, or something in between, Jordan’s Furniture has what you need in whatever color and style you desire. Shop our dressers today and give your clothes a great new home!