A great new headboard can have a huge impact on both the style and comfort of your bed. Whether you are looking for something to complement your existing bedroom décor or add an exciting new element, Jordan’s Furniture has a wide variety of king headboards, queen headboards, full headboards, twin headboards, and other sizes that are sure to meet your needs.

In order to plan the layout of your bedroom or guest bedroom, it is important to understand the variation in width of different headboard sizes. On average, a California king headboard is 74 inches wide, a king headboard has a width of 80 inches, a queen headboard is 62 inches wide, a full size headboard has a width of 56 inches, and a twin size headboard is 41 inches wide. These sizes are about 3 inches wider than the equivalent size mattress that the bed will hold. The heights of each headboard will vary depending on the design, so be sure to check the dimensions to fully understand the size fit.

One popular headboard type is an upholstered headboard. This is a fabric headboard that is both comfortable to rest your head against and also can feature ornate details. Many of Jordan’s Furniture’s upholstered headboards feature button-tufted designs and come in a variety of shapes and colors. You can shop for a white headboard, black headboard, or whatever color best fits the aesthetic of your bedroom.

You can also select a wooden headboard or a metal headboard. Jordan’s Furniture has a variety of wood panel headboards in different colored wood tones to perfectly complement your bed, nightstand, and dresser. If you prefer the look of a metal headboard, there are many different types to choose from, some with intricately welded details and patterns and others with a more traditional look. There are so many headboard ideas to consider!

Whether the style of your bed is traditional or contemporary, Jordan’s Furniture has the headboard design to perfectly complement it. Shop for an upholstered queen size headboard, a white oak king size headboard, or whatever best fits your bedroom. If you already have a headboard, maybe it’s time for a new look to refresh the focal point of your bed. Start shopping now and see what inspires you.