Dining Room Sets

An elegant dining set can make your home a prime destination for holiday gatherings and dinner parties, as well as bring your family together for everyday meals. Jordan’s Furniture has a great variety of dining room sets that will serve you well for any occasion. You can find a wide range from small dining room sets, such as dinette sets or a dining table set for 4, to a large 7 piece dining set with leaves that extend the table to accommodate a big group. There are also numerous options of styles, colors, and materials, so that you can find the dining table set that fits your décor perfectly. So pull up a chair and start shopping for your dining set now or read on to learn more about the variety of sets that we offer.

As you probably know, dining room sets typically consist of a dining table along with several side chairs. Although that may sound simple, there can be a lot of variation between sets. For example, some feature a dining table with bench, which can usually accommodate two people, along with the chairs. Other dining sets include side chairs along with arm chairs. The most common sizes of dining sets are a 7 piece set, which is typically a rectangular dining table that is intended to seat six people, and a 5 piece dining set, which seats four and can sometimes be a rectangular, square, oval, or round dining table set. There are even 3 piece dining sets if you are only looking to fill a small space.

In addition to the size and shape of your dining set, the style is also an important consideration. You can shop for traditional dining sets in many different colors and wood types, or if you’d prefer a modern dining table, you can shop for a glass dining table set. There are even marble table top dining tables for a sophisticated and unique look. Another material consideration to make is whether you prefer solid wood dining chairs that match the table or upholstered dining chairs that have a softer feel. Whatever materials you decide, there are color options ranging from light to dark, so you can create your desired dining room aesthetic.

Don’t be fooled by the name; dining room table sets can also work great as kitchen table sets. This a great way to create your own breakfast nook, and there are also counter-height dining sets that are perfect for the kitchen or bar area as well. These high table and chair sets can even function as a kitchen island or as an extension to one you already have. If you save your dining room for more formal occasions, then a kitchen table set is a practical choice for everyday dining.

Once you have your incredible new dining table set, your entire dining experience will be elevated. The food will taste better, your dinner parties will be more fun, and your holidays will be merrier. So what are you waiting for? Come and get these dining sets while they’re hot!