Adjustable Beds

Tired of propping up pillows on your flat bed in order to watch TV or read? An adjustable bed is becoming a must-have bedroom accessory for many people who want the ability to control their experience of lying in bed with the touch of a button. Jordan’s Furniture has a variety of adjustable bed frame options that can improve your sleep experience with this exciting technology!

Just like a traditional bed frame, an adjustable bed frame is what your mattress rests on top of. It is also referred to as an adjustable bed base or power base. Each adjustable bed includes a remote control that allows you to adjust the head and foot of your bed into the perfect angle for your comfort. You can elevate the back of the power base to raise your head and upper body to better relax when you are awake and then adjust the position of your head and legs when sleeping.

Not only does this make lying in bed more comfortable while you are awake, but it also has important health benefits that can improve your sleep, such as reduced snoring and alleviating pressure points that can cause back pain. Many of the adjustable beds at Jordan’s Furniture feature smart technology, which can learn your favorite sleeping positions and save them with programmable memory settings. There are also timed massage features, USB ports, under bed lighting, and more!

Once you have your new adjustable bed frame from Jordan’s Furniture, you’ll have the sleep of your dreams at the push of a button!