Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

When the sun is shining and the summer heat is in full force, an outdoor umbrella is essential to enjoy your patio to the fullest. The shade that a large patio umbrella provides truly creates an outdoor living room that you can enjoy for hours. Jordan’s Furniture has an incredible selection of outdoor patio umbrellas that come in vibrant colors and with exciting high tech features.

Whatever your outdoor furniture décor, you can find a patio umbrella to perfectly complement your style and complete the space. Shop outdoor umbrellas in blue, red, tan, or gray in solid or striped patterns.

The outdoor umbrella options also extend to the type of stand that supports them. One of the most popular types is a cantilever patio umbrella, which is supported from the side of the umbrella rather than the center, providing a completely unobstructed area of shade. Or you can opt for a traditional patio umbrella with base. Finally, you can select a patio umbrella with lights to keep the outdoor enjoyment going at night. Best of all, you can find outdoor umbrella lights with a built-in speaker!