Outdoor Rugs

Just as a great indoor rug can tie your living room together, the same is true of an outdoor rug for your patio or deck. Jordan’s Furniture has an incredible selection of outdoor area rugs that will perfectly complement your patio furniture and add an extra layer of comfort to your outdoor space. Shop now; your beautiful new outdoor patio rug is afoot.

Many of the same considerations you would make when shopping for a rug for inside your house also apply to outside. The size of the rug that will best fit your space is important to consider, and 8x10 outdoor rugs are a popular option. For a smaller deck or balcony, a 5x7 outdoor rug may be best. A rectangular shape is definitely the most common choice, but there are also square and round outdoor rugs that will fit your outdoor space beautifully.

There are also a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. There are dazzling blue outdoor rugs, which will perfectly complement a nearby ocean, lake, or pool. You can opt for a solid color or a fun pattern, such as striped or abstract. Whatever style of outdoor furniture you have on your deck, there is a rug that will perfectly complement your outdoor décor.

Another great thing about these rugs is that most of them are actually indoor outdoor rugs. This means that if you fall in love with your outdoor area rug’s style and don’t want to miss it during those cold winter months, you can simply bring it inside and find the perfect place to roll it back out.

Protect yourself from stepping on a hot deck and do it in style. Shop outdoor rugs from Jordan’s Furniture today!